We begin before we begin…

During this week we celebrate rebirth in many ways, Easter, Passover, Spring, etc. making it a natural time to reflect on ones journey. I have, of course, been reflecting on my Camino. It was this time last spring that I first read Steve’s blog posts about his pilgrimage. Little did I know at the time that I too was beginning my own Pilgrimage and that a year later I’d be sitting here writing a blog. Thus, my new journey had begun and it is only now in the quiet morning reflection that I gain the perspective to glimpse the recent course of my life and the unexpected gifts I have received.

I think what has compelled me to write today is to share the joy of these gifts. My flights to France & Spain to begin the Camino are not until September 2017. However, the decision to plan and prepare for the walk has changed my life. Just purchasing my flight and picking a date has brought much into focus by having this new goal. I am learning about my body and how to incrementally prepare to walk 600+ miles. The process of deciding what to pack and what to leave is providing an interesting parallel at this stage of life when so many of life’s’ material possessions begin to lose their luster.

The most surprising gift has been that of inspiration. I’ve noticed that when I tell people, strangers as well as friends, about the Camino I find that they are uplifted and inspired in their life. One friend even booked a tour of Spain. What I have found so surprising is that people are inspired by just the idea of the Pilgrimage. I have not done anything yet more than by an airline ticket and do some reading!  This is a wonderful reminder of how all that we do, actions, and words, influences those around us. We can choose to spread depression or inspiration.

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