Counting down….

Today marks the one month point prior to boarding the plane, September 12th, to France. I am very close to being prepared, however the todo list seems to be getting longer! Yikes! I have done a good job of  maintaining neutral emotions about what lays ahead. But now the reality of the countdown is here. I have a number of work related items to wrap up plus two cars to deliver to Florida to pick up a couple of extra dollars before departure. Then there are all the personal and household details such as mail, bills, the yard, etc.

I hope I have done enough physical conditioning to get me started on the right foot (sorry I couldn’t resist!) I am getting close to having my backpack list complete and weighing in near the 15 lbs target.

The last important item is the fundraising for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation. I have scheduled on September 10th, a going away/fundraiser at a local BBQ place, The Stand. They will not only be hosting, but also donating a portion of the day’s receipts.

Thanks for your love & support.

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