Testing 123….

I thought I should post a quick note to be sure that my Spiritual Hat Trick posts will now appear on my personal Facebook page. With my trip only a few weeks away I am working to simplify everything in my life. It is interesting to observe that this is a huge part of a pilgrimage. Letting go of life burdens, material and otherwise. So I am prepaying some bills, setting up auto pay on others and tending to hundreds of small details, personal and business related, to clean the slate before I leave.

I have my gear assembled with only a few minor modificatons left to me made. You can see my little IO Bear buddy is on board for the duration and looking forward to many photo-ops as we trek accross Europe.

If you are in the CT area on September 10th I hope you will be able to attend the my sendoff being hosted by the wonderful folks at The Stand BBQ in Branford. (see my event posting for details or contact me directly for details) . If you are unable to attend I hope you will please help support the work of The Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation. Donations 

Thank you all for your friendship & support.


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