Information + Experience 

A couple of weeks ago I walked a trail around the perimeter of West Rock Ridge Park for the first time. I had with me a small map, which I’d found online, of the trails. So I had the information I needed.

As you can see from the two tracks pictured below my following weeks’ walk was only .7 mile shorter but was 1:40 faster. How is this possible?

The first time I had all the needed info but no experience. So I had to stop often to consult the map and too often had to backtrack to the right trail.  I discovered that many of the little side trails were very difficult.  The second time around I barely had to check the map or retrace my steps and I knew to skip some of the more difficult side trails.

So this observation may only be of interest to one on a long enough walk with time to contemplate such things.  However, I was struck that my upcoming trip will have me walking a new trail everyday for 650 miles!  I will have to settle for walking with the information provided by my guide book and maps.  Each and every day will be a new experience.  I will have to ask others with more experience for help & guidance.

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