Two weeks…

Nine months ago I purchased a round trip flight thereby committing to myself to Walk the Camino de Santiago.  Now with less than two weeks till I board the plane to France I am amazed at how much that decision has impacted my life.

Admittedly I’m in pretty good shape from all the practice hiking and gym work. (But have not lost a single pound!) That is not the impact I’m referring to. It is much more on the interpersonal and spiritual side that has amazed me. The wonderful people who have come into my life. The many layers that have been added to my pilgrimage which I never could have imagined.

Little did I suspect that I would start a fundraiser for Osteogenesis Imperfecta or offer to carry a prayer book and offer prayers for friends in three major spiritual destinations. Nor did I suspect that my plans would inspire others and that they would offer so much love & support. I have  discovered new friends who mean the world to me.

All this and I have yet to set foot on the Camino…  thank you for these blessing🙏

One thought on “Two weeks…

  1. Hi Bill, Just caught up with your Blog…it is so full of blessings I wonder if you will ever want to come back? (smile). God is surely opening doors along your way and blessing you with so many surprises of people, events, landscapes, adventures and other various meaningful memories. I don’t think running into your friend at the train station on your way out was an accident. There are none in God’s economy…only divine interventions…He is smiling upon you, Bill, so enjoy being in the ‘moment’ each step. Wow….

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