Lourdes Day – 2 

Unlike yesterday’s guided efficiency, today I crisscrossed Lourdes a number of times on various errands returning three times back to the same part of town.

The day was alternatively sunny and showers. Ending with the nightly candlelight prayer procession to the Virgin Mary which included a good down pour that did not seem to dampen any spirits but did extinguish my candle.

I met up for lunch with Tim from Ireland who I first met on the bus from the airport and again last evening as he was waiting to meet a friend for dinner. We enjoyed a few hours talking on a myriad of topics from the Camino to the Catholic Church, and the inevitable questions about our president.  Tim traveled to Lourdes with plans of walking the Camino as well. However after two years of unemployment he received an offer at home as soon as his plane landed. So his Camino will have to wait for the time being.

On our return from lunch I had two wonderful occurrences. One was a blessing from a woman from Washington state asking the way to the Grotto. After giving her directions we chatted for a minute as to our reason for being here. As soon as I mentioned my Camino she broke out in a most profusive blessing.  The other was also a blessing, I met Francesca from Italy. She spoke no English but were were easily able to establish the OI connection. She was delighted share a photo op.

One of my crosstown trips was to visit the phone company to learn more about the service I purchased at the airport for 49 euros. I have a plan that is good for 6 months, includes 1,000 text messages, 10 GB data, and two hours of calling anywhere including the US! Not too bad… so I called a few people back home for a quick Hi.

Finally before hitting the trail tomorrow my in-room laundry self-service…

3 thoughts on “Lourdes Day – 2 

  1. We are all with you in spirit Bill! Love your stories and details. Feel like Im right there with you. Can tell the Holy Spirit is all around you. Thanks for answering his call on your heart to do this. You are not the only one being blessed by it. Dee

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