Day 6 & 7

DAY 6- Last night we shared a 4-bunk 8 bed room with our former roommates mates, the French trio, and the British couple, John & Joy. We enjoyed a wonderful breakfast this morning with a real pot of coffee before heading out. 

While at the top of one peak we saw our British couple in the distance walking along a cornfield on a distant plateau. When we reached the cornfield we realized there was a right turn that they seemed to have missed. Fortunately they discovered their error and fought up with us before to long. 

I am feeling the embrace of the Camino since meeting these two wonderful Dutch women, Mica & An. I believe it began with the simple gesture of An offering to share their apple on our first break after we began walking together. Sharing is one of the important lessons of the Camino. 

Today’s walk like yesterday’s was very challenging. Today, in addition to the normal ups & downs we had one hill to cross requiring a 490 meter climb and descent. The trails consisted of many switchbacks on muddy sloppy cow and sheep paths. And the down hill portions required a lot of technical hiking rock to rock while trying to not slip on your but in the ever present mud. 

There were few options of places to stay tonight. The first option, a farm Guest house was already occupied by our 3 French friends who got there first. The owner called ahead and found us rooms in the village. When we arrived we discovered our British couple John & Joy had arrived just before us! We shared s home cooked meal including fresh cheese I was able to buy from the farm next door. 

DAY 7- to St Jean Pied du Port

We had some breakfast in house after which our landlady took us to visit basque church across the street. They have an interesting tradition in that during services the men are segregated to the balcony. 

Rain and thunder to start the day. Walked in light rain until the first small village. Stopped at the Marie which is the mayors office for a stamp on our Pilgrims credentials. From there it was on cow paths but today they are straight uphill without switchbacks. And of a course with the fresh rain there is more of the ubiquitous mud to stick to our boats. 

2 hrs uphill to a panoramic scene and perfect place to stop for bread & fresh cheese. Sharing food again brought tears and joy to my heart. Something very special  happens on the Camino. 

Sometime after lunch we came across John & Joy resting in style on the roadside. 

After some debate we choose to go all the way to SJPP. But not before a stop for coffee and adding one more stamp. 

We arrived at last in St Jean Pierre du Port after another 10 hour hike completing the 100 mile leg from Lourdes! 👣👣👣

One thought on “Day 6 & 7

  1. Bill, what an amazing journey! Your experience of the most inportant priorities, like sharing an apple, really defines the essence of your pilgrimage. However, on such a spiritual journey I would be careful taking a bite of an apple if the name of the woman offering it was EVE instead of An…lol. God speed…Dee

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