Day 13 – Uterga Day 14 – Villatuerta

Walking Solo — Sad morning having to say goodbye to my 24/7 companions for the past 10 days. Mieke & An have become dear old friends in a short time. I will miss their beautiful spirit as I continue my walk.

 The walk through the city streets was a huge change from the last two weeks. Nevertheless it is a beautiful city. I had to make a stop at the cell phone shop which took me a bit off the Camino route. It was wonderful that people would stop me to wish me a Buen Camino and try to direct me back to the path. 

Once out of the city it was quickly back to farmland but now, post harvest, stark and barren. It was interesting to see the fields recently plowed and all the rocks! Looks worse than the fields of New England.  

I was joined for the long uphill trek by Rene a nice young man from New Jersey. Since I had a late departure from the city we had to endure the hot afternoon sun with no shade. 

We both enjoyed the distraction of each other’s company as we walked in the heat trying to image people doing this in the summer. The distant windmills grew larger as our assent progressed.

Reaching the peak we were rewarded with a great view back to Pamplona. 

Additionally we, who have watched the movie The Way, had to take turns posing with the pilgrim silhouettes. 

The steep rocky descent was a challenge for many. One was Gerta, another Dutch woman. Her legs were covered with bandages and braces. After much debate she elected to walk rather than call for a taxi. I kept her company until the next village where we stopped for some refreshments. The place we stopped was so pleasant I decided to remain the night. She still had a 2 hour walk ahead in order to catch up to her backpack which she had sent ahead.

We had a small international collection at dinner. I joined two young men from Ireland for a great meal. At the next table Bill, from Texas, was celebrating his birthday with his wife.  Lastly a lovely family from Sweden.

Day 14 – Villatuerta

Today was once again hot & sunny with only occasional shade. The new landscape offered many plowed fields, vineyards, and groves of olive trees.

I walked the day with 3 people from Sweden I’d met at dinner last evening. We stopped early for a delicious bargain breakfast. 

We came across a few interesting sights along the way….up, down, and in between. The last is of snails 🐌 which were along one section of the walk by the millions! 







                                                                                                                                                One of the most wonderful people to keep popping up on the Camino has been a tiny Korean woman. We first met in SJPP staying in the same albergue. She speaks very little English, however, she is the most joyful individual I’ve ever come across…. she loves everyone often displaying crossed thumb & index finger. A Korean symbol for love ❤️

After a long hot day ( 8-5) we arrived at Casa Magica, a Pilgrims oasis. I enjoyed a fantastic massage, wonderful dinner, and did a little laundry. 

2 thoughts on “Day 13 – Uterga Day 14 – Villatuerta

  1. Hi Bill….Wow…hard to believe they could grow or harvest anything amid all those rocks in the fields on your way out. Must have been a long first day without your usual company but it looks like you managed to make the best of it with a new friend.

    Also, if you run into your Korean friend again, try saying “hello, friend” in Korean (spelled phonetically for you)….”on yo, ha shim neeka, odd a shay!” Thank you is “Com som Knee da!”(In case you forgot….Bobbi Endter and I met there while teaching for DODDS at Youngsan Army base in Seoul back in 1976.)



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