Day 34 – Leon – Rest Day

Day 34 -Leon – 10/19

Spending two nights in the Old Town portion of the city which has it’s boundaries marked by the left footprints of a Roman soldier. They always marched with the left first. Me too…I’m now 600k into my 1,000k trek and am now down to my Fryeburg Academy wrestling weight! I highly recommend this Camino diet to anyone. You can eat all you want. This town is full of wonderful pastry shops so I am hoping to boost my calorie intake so I don’t disappear entirely.

I’m staying in a very sweet little boutique hotel right in the center of everything for less than 60 euros a night.

It is welcome to leave behind the pilgrim backpack and just be tourist for the day. I was even tempted to take the sightseeing train, but it was too cold and only in Spanish. 

There are numerous museums and churches, with the centerpiece the cathedral. My little IO Bear Buddy is also enjoy the trip and has started many conversations about Osteogenesis Imperfecta along the Way.

So many beautiful buildings and so much history. I ended a nice day with a mass and pilgrim blessing in the Basilica de San Isidoro. The priest was quite a character inviting all the pilgrims back to his chambers after the blessing to get our document stamped and for a photo op. Earlier I toured the attached museum and saw the chalice which is believed to have been The Holy Grail. 

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