Day 35- Leaving Leon and the Meseta Day 36 – Astorga

Day 35 – Villarreal de Mazarife  10/20

Walking out of this major city in the cool gray of the morning rush hour is a study in contrasts. So many commuters driving in to work and the many pilgrims on their way out of the city walking west. To..?

The hard urban landscape gives was once again to fertile fields.

There are a couple of familiar people at one of the few coffee stops and many new faces.  Ali whose sister lives in New Haven. Later I walked for a short while with a crazy British guy. It seems he had fallen in love on the Camino and it went bad quickly. He started to go home then changed his mind and is back feeling he must finish or else! I don’t think this guy has quite tuned into the spiritual side of the Camino yet…

Another mostly deserted farm village with a sweet looking (but locked) church. However there were a surprising number of children in evidence.

The storks really seem to love the bell towers..

Day 36 –  Astorga. – 10/21

A cold crisp fall day perfect for walking. Very happy I bought new gloves in Leon. More sprawling fields in various stages of harvest. The road has a gentle incline indicating the exit of the Meseta and in the distance is our first glimpse of the upcoming mountain range to be climbed soon.

One meets a variety of pilgrims along the way…

Every ancient village should have an UFO.

Lots of other interesting sights along the trail today.

Then arriving in the magical city of many churches, a cathedral and an unoccupied bishops palace designed by Gaudi

The animated bell ringers mark the hour in the town square.

2 thoughts on “Day 35- Leaving Leon and the Meseta Day 36 – Astorga

  1. Beautiful photos. Thanks much. Nice hike today. Walked on the dirt path vice the road around the lake. Taxing on my wobbly right ankle. Overall not as difficult. Progress! Love your face photo.


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