Camino Birthday!! Day 37 – Rabanal Day 38 – Molinseca

Day 37 Rompanal –  10/22

Very Cold morning with frost on the ground as the Camino begins its ascent into the hills. Very happy to run into my German friend, Linn, who is now walking with Vincent. We made plans to meet tomorrow to celebrate my birthday. Also, their Camino birthdays celebrating Linn walking 30 days and Vincent began 60 days ago from his home in France.

You never know when a shopping opportunity may pop up..

The distant hills arrive more quickly than one would expect bringing a welcome change in scenery as well.

I met a fellow APOC member from New Mexico.  She was freezing so I was happy I could give her my old gloves.

A quick stop for morning coffee and happy to warm by the welcoming fireplace.

Wrapped up another amazing day with mass in a very simple church.

Day 38. Molinaseca -Birthday! 10/23 

Such a blessing to be here to celebrate my 69th birthday. Today’s hike was spectacular with a 300 meter vertical climb to a la Cruz de Ferro, one of the most significant stops on the Camino, and to Punto Alto, the highest point. It seemed remarkable to have arrived on my birthday, as I had not even thought to plan my birthday.

Once again it is impossible to describe or photograph the beauty. As I was walking up the path and the sun was breaking over the horizon behind us I came upon a woman standing still. She was facing east and turned to me as I approached. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. I gave her an embrace saying that I understood spontaneous crying on the Camino. Such is the beauty and pure joy one can find here.

At first coffee stop of the day I was treated to an impromptu chorus of Happy Birthday. Thank you Linn and Camino Radio!

The next of my birthday gifts came at Crux de Ferro. I was able to leave my “burdens” there. Two stones were mine from home, one from San Diego, and others I carried for friends. Once again Linn appeared at the perfect time to share the moment.

The days hike was simply spectacular. It was great to be back in the hills and on technical trails, not roads. It seemed to make everyone happy. The downhill portion felt like dancing👣👣 The village of Molinascea looks like a movie set it is so quaint. A excellent place to end the day and enjoy my birthday with Camino friends. I took a private room in the same Casa Rural that Linn & Vincent were staying. They took advantage of the full kitchen and created a wonderful meal. Vincent made a delicious lemon tart. The only thing missing were Birthday candles. This was more than compensated by the fire which the landlady surprisingly started in honor of my birthday (she knew from my passport)!

Thank you for the best Birthday ever!!!

9 thoughts on “Camino Birthday!! Day 37 – Rabanal Day 38 – Molinseca

  1. Dear Bill, this will have been the most special birthday of your life. With new friends and in a wonderful place.
    Buon Camino, An.


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