Seven days till Santiago Day 39 – Cacabelos Day 40 – Herrerias

Day 39 – Cacabelos. 10/24

Another cool morning walking mostly on city sidewalks from Cacabelos to Ponferrada..where I toured the Knights Templar castle. 

Leaving town met Barry from Canada who had just arrived and was about to begin his walk. We spent the rest of the day walking together. Nice to be able to introduce him to the Pilgrims way of life. We shared a small unheated cubby hole in the municipal albergue. Also enjoyed a wonderful dinner in a really nice local restaurant. No french fries!! 

Day 40-  Herrerias.  10/25

Another pre-dawn start ( it is not light here until 8:30) again largely on sidewalks. We traveled in and out of one small village after another. Each with its tiny chapel. 

The day was uneventful except for the occasional meeting up with new people along the way. We ended the day with an excellent communal vegetarian dinner in the albergue. 

5 thoughts on “Seven days till Santiago Day 39 – Cacabelos Day 40 – Herrerias

  1. Dear Bill:

    The autumn ambers and golds, reds and mauve on the Salmon River in Haddam Neck have not yet frosted. From the tributaries of the Connecticut and the shores of Long Island Sound, your friends take a step, and sometimes two, with you.

    Your dispatches and photos bring to us a small piece of your jounrey. In southern New Enmgland, We are grateful for a touch of castille and northern Spain.

    When you get to Villaffanco del Bierzo, give a wink to the Convent of the Padres Paules.

    Your friends are glad that you are doing so well.



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