Into Galacia Day 41 – Fonfria   Day 42 – Sarria

Day 41  Fontria   10/26

A day of hills, mostly upward. The transition to the Province of Galacia provides beautiful panoramas of increasing shades of green, more cattle, and much improved dinning. 

I enjoyed Barry’s company again today and he tolerated my endless stories. He is reasonably fluent in Spanish & French making ordering food much less problematic. We had a number of food stops for snacks in addition to a substantial lunch in O’Cebreiro with friends.

The culinary high of the day was a surprisingly wonderful meal served by the restaurant associated with tonight’s albergue. The building was an interesting reproduction of a local style and the food was wonderful and plentiful.

Day 42  Sarria  10/27

Today we walk to Sarria which is a major starting point for all those who do not have the time or inclination to walk for a month or more. It is 115 kilometers from Santiago thus allowing potential pilgrims the required minimum walking distance of 100k to qualify for a Compostela Certificate at the end. Each day from here in we must obtain two stamps on our Pilgrims credential.

The walking was wonderful thru beautiful trails, fields, and small stone villages.

We encounter We encountered a number of unusual sights…


5 thoughts on “Into Galacia Day 41 – Fonfria   Day 42 – Sarria

  1. Hi Bill, nice to see your pictures en read your stories. I am now in Santiago waiting to fly home tomorrow. I had a wonderful trip and met very nice people to walk with. Should have been nice to see you in Santiago but that is not going to happen. I wish you a buon Camino and a wonderful time still to go. Love, An.


  2. This area and the villages look so charming…like you are in a fairy tale story…glad to hear you have good company and better food. This area is very pretty and the weather seems to be cooperating. Love all the different kinds of unique stamps in your pilgrim passport book! Have totally enjoyed your posts and look forward to more. What a wonderful journey, Bill! Can’t wait to hear more stories when you get back. Your photos are so descriptive and stunning. I feel like I am reading the Trilogy and wouldn’t be surprised if you met some Hobbits along the way! Ha ha ha! Enjoy! Dee

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