Crossing 100 K Day 43 – Portomarin Day 44 – Palas de Rei

 Day 43  Portomarin  10/28

There was a mystical quality to the start of today’s walking.

Everyone took turns for a photo op at the 100k marker which had unfortunately been vandalized. (This is the distance remaining to Santiago de Compostela. My plan is to continue the Atlantic Ocean at Finisterra an additional 75k)

There were not shortage of photo ops as the day went on…

But the real star of today was the magnificent and varied trails. 

The many buildings including the cathedral were relocated from the riverside when the reservoir was created

And rebuilt in the new “old” town. 

Day 44  Palas de Rei  10/29

Another misty start on more wonderful hiking trails with Barry & Tom. We soon came across signs on the recent fires. We are grateful that they were extinguished before spreading further.

We met a three generation family walking the Camino together with their dog (mother & grandfather not pictured)

Some young ladies with all the makings only a tailgate party. We chose to let someone else prepare lunch and were treated to a real Galicia meat feast which was delicious. A couple of additional interesting sites before we concluded the day

2 thoughts on “Crossing 100 K Day 43 – Portomarin Day 44 – Palas de Rei

  1. Truly Hobbit-like land….even your friends fit into that with the white-bearded Wizard and the his friendly Hobbit side-kick! Thatched roofs, winding paths, stone walls, trees that looked like they could come alive and talk to you or grab you! …wow, enchanting. Dee

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