Home Stretch  Day 45 – Boante Day 46 – O Pedrouzo

Day 45  Boante  10/30

Moody morning weather kept us undecided whether to add a layer or remove one.

We were soon threading our way through yet more picturesque stone villages.
This time joined by some locals on their way to the office..
Today’s mandatory lunch stop was in Melide to sample the local specialty of Octopus Pulpo. (The beer is not mine! 😊)
After lunch my knee was making itself known so I had to make the difficult decision to stop early for the day and tell Barry and Tom to continue without me. Hopefully I’ll catch them in Santiago. Only 50k to go….

Day 46 –  O Pedrouzo   10/31

Happy Halloween

A nights rest and the knee was much better so I enjoyed my longest walk of 31.5k. The morning I walked alone on more wonderful trails. I have been surprised by the few pilgrims since Sarria which I thought would bring masses to the Camino as it does the rest of the year.  It appears to be that the season is over. The bar/cafe stops are empty or closed for the season, even the serious party stops…After a morning of solitude and contemplation I was happy for the company of Nanna from Denmark who was delightful company for a few hours. She is 24 and has walked all the way from SJPP by herself and was excited to be meeting her mother tomorrow in Santiago for the noon mass. My albergue for the night was a very contemporary affair. I am hoping for a miracle cure for the cold which overtook me this afternoon. I am not quite sure how I feel about the prospects of finally arriving in Santiago after 47 days and almost 1,000 kilometers. We will soon find out 👣👣👣

16 thoughts on “Home Stretch  Day 45 – Boante Day 46 – O Pedrouzo

  1. Bill, I hope tomorrow would be a beautiful day for you! Please remember me when you are in the Cathedral and say a pray for me and my children. I have loved following your Camino, thank you so much for sharing and posting such honest and amazing thoughts and pictures. Buen Camino, peregrino, lo mejor para ti en los caminos que vendrán!


  2. Hi Bill, almost in Santiago! You are sleeping in the same albergue as I did last Friday. It was the third time I was there and I like this albergue and the people who are running it.
    For tomorrow have a nice walk and visit the bronze statues at Monto del Gozo, they are looking at Santiago and the Cathedral.
    Enjoy your stay in Santiago. Love, An.

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    1. Hi An – yes I am staying in the one you recommend. It is very nice. Hard to believe that I will actually be there. I will look for the statues.
      It has been amazing. I could not have done it without your guidance at the start. Thank you. Love to Meike.


  3. There is something so special about that last day and night before walking into Santiago. I’ll be thinking of you of course. Many blessings. Buen Camino!

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    1. Thank you my friend. The weather promises to continue to be perfect. Only this cold is a bit of a distraction. Loki g forward to arrival and attending the 7:30 mass on All Saints day.


  4. Reaching your goal is a two edged sword- bittersweet. Its also the end for all of us whom were carried along the entire way by your posts and photos. Thanks for being so generous with your sharing. Dee

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