Happy New Year

A first post to kick off the New Year and to say thank you all who have followed Spiritual Hat Trick for your friendship and support during 2017. It was a remarkable year in many ways. 2018 is shaping up as another year for travel adventures beginning New Year’s Day with my return flight home from The Netherlands. Quickly followed mid-January by a weekend stop in Bismarck ND on my way to San Diego. I can’t wait to see how much Charlotte Grace, my grandniece, has grown in the past year. Two weeks in SoCal with my brother and family seems long overdue. I’ve missed them with all my travels this year taking me to points east rather than west.

It is my hope that Hotchkiss Publishing will bring out 2-3 new books in the coming year. I plan to work on two myself. One a collection of Camino stories and one on Labyrinth’s in New England. (Contributions to either are welcome).

Personal goals include returning to Holland, participating in the Hammerfest Tri in September and, 2-3 weeks walking one of the various Camino routes in Portugal & Spain for my 70th birthday next October. We will just have to see what the Universe has in store…

I wish you a new year filled with Love & Joy.

Happy New Year – 2018!!!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. So happy to see your travels are not over! I had mixed feelings when your Camino Pilgrimage ended. Good for you, bad for those of us who enjoyed following your journal here. It was like having a great novel end….earlier than you wanted.

    Keep in touch and I will always be praying for your safe and enriching pilgrimages.

    Warmly, Dee M.

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