Camino continues….

It’s a little more than 3 months since I arrived in Santiago de Compestella. It feels like s lifetime ago plus all the weight I’d lost on the Camino has found its way back to me. Walking has been replaced by air travel having covered 30,000 plus miles. Three transatlantic plus one trans American roundtrips, and a few of shorter flights in Europe.

Today I’m in Holland to visit Charlotte for three weeks. I expect that this will almost feel settled down. I am blessed that I can work wherever I travel these days. I’m looking forward to a few undistracted days at the local library (which has a coffee shop!) to work on one of two new books I plan to publish this year. You may not be too surprised that this book will be Love Stories from The Camino.

I am beginning to collect some wonderful stories of Camino pilgrims from around the world (if you have a story or know of one please contact me). This promises to be a a beautiful book.

4 thoughts on “Camino continues….

  1. Hi Bill, nice to read your blog and to see that you are doing great.
    Maybe I have a nice love story for you. A good friend of mine met his love on the Camino. He is from Holland and she is from Canada. Maybe I have told you about them when we were walking together. I can ask them to tell you their lovestory. They are already a couple for years and they are really happy.
    Do you think there is a chance to meet before you go back to Amerika?
    With love,


    1. Hi Bill, we have enjoyed your blog from the beginning .
      From my studies, the story of St James in Spain was a fantasy – bible scholars suggest he went home after Jesus’s death and again was a fisherman.
      This does not diminish the spiritual journeys of many Christians who have done the walk.


  2. So good to hear from you on here Bill. What a wonderful turn your life has taken after one Pilgrimage. Timing is everything, huh? Do the stories have to be love stories? I lnow of a woman who made that journey a few years before you. But dont think she fell on love. Anyway…keep us updated on your book! Dee


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