A Very Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year!

As I am sure I’ve said before “my life has been transformed by the Camino” making for an interesting year, to say the least. I am in the Netherlands for Christmas with Charlotte and her family. And I may well be staying until March. What I have not posted here before is that on October 25th we visited the Cathedral in Chartres France. We walked the 800 year old labyrinth. When we reached the center I proposed and she said YES!

We have decided to wait a year before planning the wedding date and deciding where we will live. I am sure that there are many challenges ahead. Fortunately, the Camino helps one learn to meet each challenge as it comes and to not worry so much about the future.

I have spent a large portion of the year working on a new book, A Field Guide to Labyrinths of Connecticut and Rhode Island.  So I bought a drone and visited 60+ labyrinths over the summer/fall photographing and walking each one. Now comes the hard part of creating the text and layout. Stay tuned… My hope is that the book will make people aware of the number that are available to them nearby.  I know that they have transformed by life in the past two years, since I walked my first labyrinth.

During my time here I expect to restart work on another book, Love Stories from the Camino de Santiago. I already have a number of other’s stories and hope to add others throughout the year. I believe that this will prove to be a wonderful book. (If you know of any stories please let me know or have the people contact me). I we be attending the American Pilgrim of the Camino annual Gathering in March which may provide a few additions. With luck it won’t be too long before I have the opportunity to walk in Spain once again.

One more wish for the New Year is that our paths will cross so we may visit and share our stopover a cup of coffee. Till then… Buen Camino 👣💕👣

7 thoughts on “A Very Merry Christmas & Blessed New Year!

  1. Well, its about time Bill! Always worth waiting for the right one no matter how long it takes. Congrats to both of you. Thanks for sharing your journey. It has been quite remarkable. Keep us posted and Merry Christmas to all. Dee

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  2. What wonderful news!! So happy for you both! Congratulations. I’m looking forward to your book, and that cup of coffee. Have a beautiful Christmas Love. Chris

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