Two years later

Sitting in the beach in the dark after a late September swim. Watching the lights on the marker buoys in the distance signaling their position. I am overtaken with sensory recollections of my nights sailing singlehanded. The tranquility mixed with a little uncertainty, and fear brought on by lack of confidence in my navigation.

My thoughts segue to the Camino and navigational doubts. This time I’m on foot following red and white markers on unknown trails and the yellow markers across Spain. Two years ago on this date I walked in to St Jean Pied du Port after a week hiking through the foothills of the Pyrenees. I was beginning to learn trust. The Universe provided me with everything I needed. I was blessed to have people appear just when I needed them. They became my guides and mentors preparing me for the Francais portion of the Camino du Santiago.

The irony of my beach visit is that it is in part therapy for my hip. I have a tear which prevents me from walking the Camino Português this fall. The pendulum of Doubt returns. I question the future rather than trusting the Universe to provide. Will I be able to walk 15 miles, play squash, sail etc?

I know that I have to just do what is in front of me each day and trust the results. Tomorrow a cortisone shot and continuing PT, exercises, etc and trust the outcome. One step at a time as they say…👣

3 thoughts on “Two years later

  1. Dear Bill
    How I loved your posts when I did my Camino. I’m in the midst of moving from the home I shared so long with my ate husband to a small flat. The Camino gave me the courage to heal and the ability to look forward not backwards. It will always be the most wondrous journey I ever made. Let go and let God, Bill, “for all shall be well, all manner of things shall be well” (Julian of Norwich) Best wishes Susan


  2. Bill, I didn’t know you had a tear in your hip. (It reminds me of my orthopedic surgical sales for hip company Zimmer, as well as my own degenerating right hip…lol). Glad to see you getting PT and shot for it. I doubt if that will slow you down too much. Here’s a prayer for your speedy recovery and complete healing from the great Physician….Dear Father God, you are our loving Healer and you know exactly what Bill needs at this time, so we ask you to heal Bill’s hip completely and quickly, so he can resume his activities without all that pain and interference. Please open all doors with people and situations that will ensure this healing for our friend and let Bill know you are going through this trial with him. In Jesus’ mighty name, we pray, Amen.

    Blessings to you, Bill! Hugs, Dee


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