Reflections on Social Distancing

It has been more than one week since most of my home state “shut down “. Since then life has taken on a different rhythm which is taking some time to adapt to. Every day feels like the Sunday’s I remember from childhood when almost all businesses closed. (All except the bakery which was a mandatory stop on the way home from church.) It was a quiet day. A day for family, for play, for walks in the woods.

I have begun taking longish, 6-8 mile, walks to exercise my new hip and, perhaps, get in condition for a future Camino. Today the Camino was very much on my mind as I walked. I’ve been reading a new Camino book, Into the Thin”, by Stephen Drew (available this Fall) who’s blog posts in the spring of 2016 were responsible for my discovering and walking across Spain in 2017. Walking through the small towns of northern Spain was also reminiscent of my childhood days. There on Sundays they still close most businesses and you see many families out walking in groups, large and small.

Perhaps others are having similar recalls and also feel pangs of yearning for those simpler times. Is it possible that we may come out of the crisis with a new perspective on what is really important? I pray that it proves to be a time of healing for people’s souls and a brief rest for the tired earth we so take for granted. 

Today’s perfect weather helps me feel hopeful about the future. Spring will come regardless. A time for healing and new growth.

I wish you all good health and a peaceful soul.

One thought on “Reflections on Social Distancing

  1. Wonderful memories Bill. You nailed it. Hope this can bring a new normal to American life like you describe. Nice to slow down and stop to smell the roses…hear birds chirp.


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