Walking Labyrinths

January 1st 2017 I walked my first labyrinth. My life has had been transformed. As many of you know this began a journey of walking meditations. More than 150 labyrinths plus 1,000 kilometers on the Camino de Santiago have guided me to a loving relationship and to write my first book.

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The timing of its publication is fortunate in that it is providing many people with a wonderful and safe activity. Making short or long road trips to visit the many unique outdoor labyrinths you may discover parts of your home state for the first time. Plus in walking a labyrinth you my discover new parts of yourself.

I look forward to your feedback. And thank you for your support.

Wish you a safe and healthy journey.

2 thoughts on “Walking Labyrinths

  1. Congratulations Bill. Thanks for sharing this journey and putting it in a format that anyone can use to improve their own lives. Looks beautiful. Love the cover. God Bless. Hugs, Dee


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