Where does joy go?

Does sadness push its way in so slowly we don’t notice until it’s flooded our soul or does joy move away leaving room for the sadness?

I’m not sure I really want an answer. I only know that I miss the joy. Just as it’s arrival took me by surprise it’s absence has left me gasping. Not knowing if is has left forever or temporarily only adds weight to the sadness.

The horizon of the future is shrouded in doubt.

Trusting requires practice & patience…

5 thoughts on “Where does joy go?

  1. Fuerza Bill, la alegria está dentro de ti
    y la transmites en cada palabra, foto, anecdota que compartes.
    Las nubes pasan, el azul queda! Confía!

    Cheer up Bill, joy is inside you, you
    transmits it in every word, photo and anecdote you share in FB.
    The clouds pass, the blue remains! Trust!

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  2. The eternal mystery…. Would we ever recognize joy if we didn’t also experience sorrow? It’s only when the sun goes down that we feel the absence of its heat. (And being cold isn’t pleasant!)

    Thinking about you today and praying for feel love, and get understanding, clarity and some kind of resolution that soothes your soul.

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  3. For me, I am learning through my own grief journey, that it really is an “inside job.” As soon as I notice I am looking for joy or happiness “out there” and from others, I get back on my mat, and find stillness. One of Joel Goldsmith’s quotes that has resonated with me is “God’s grace is our sufficiency.” This has been helpful to me during my meditation and prayer ..leaning into trust and patience. Sending love to you my friend. Always in all ways. 🙏❤️

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