Days counting down…7,6,5…

As the final week before departure draws near there are so many thoughts racing through my mind. The todo list, packing list, logistics of travel all complicated by Covid. Vaccination document, getting an EU QR code, testing before departure, upon arrival. Then the need to make reservations a day or two in advance at many hotels, etc. Many are closed or reduced capacity and not all the online guides are up to date. All making this a very different pilgrimage from the one 4 years ago where I did not make one advance reservation.

I have started questioning myself, allowing little bits of doubt & fear creep into my thoughts. I have to remind myself to stay in the present. There is a saying “that the Camino will provide”. I certainly found that to be true in the past so I will do my best to have faith and trust in the future.

Also remembering that I have committed myself and dedicated this pilgrimage to raising money for the Osteogenesis Imperfecta Foundation is keeping me back on track. I have been uplifted by the generosity of friends & family who have in just 3 days reached 50% of the initial goal! This was based on the total we raised on my first Camino. I will be keeping the Facebook campaign open until I return at the end on November. I know that my beautiful poster girl Charlotte has touched many hearts.

I’m sorry that I cannot host a get together of friends before I leave. Please know you will all be with me in spirit. As I did last time I will take along a prayer book listing names I want to pray for. I stop at almost every open church’s along the route to light a candle a say a few prayers. If you would like to add a name yo my list please let me know. 🙏

All for now. I have to get back to packing…

3 thoughts on “Days counting down…7,6,5…

  1. Bill, the only code you will need is the one for the country of entry. To my knowledge, there is no universal QR code for Europe. In our Camino, there were plenty of availability at the albergues. I am not sure what the situation is in Portugal. I don’t think there are as many pilgrims as before, but the Portugal to Santiago Camino always had very few places to stay along the way. The guide books are very helpful. Best regards, jose

    PS If you are doing connecting flights to get to Lisbon, it does get complicated with COVID requirements. My daughter is flying MAdrid – London – Washington and she had to comply with two sets of paperwork.



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