Prayer Book Entry

notebook-4Key to my journey is taking you with me…

Would you or a loved one like to be included in my Prayer Book ?  Just write the names in the “Comment” box below. (Please note that this has nothing to do with donations of any kind) I will be praying for every person named in this book at each of the three shrines I will be visiting: Lourdes in France, Compostelo de Santiago in Spain, and Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal.  Each name will be beautifully entered in a handcrafted leather journal which was given to me, specifically for this journey, by my nephew Eric and his wife Janine.  I believe that I will personally gain by creating this special connection with each person I take with me and pray for.  It is also my hope that my prayers are heard and will benefit each of you.

Or – feel free to use this space to send a note. I welcome your comments and support.

God Bless,